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The Congress Information & Opportunity Centre, is now looking for Students to do a Q Q I Computer Course :

Information Technology Skills – QQI Level 4
(Intermediate Level Computer Course)
QQI Module No: 4N1125


1 Explain a range of information technology concepts and terminology to include computer, computer hardware components, system and application software, input devices, output devices, data storage devices, bytes, files, folder/directory, drives, memory, LAN, WAN, and the internet

2 The impact of information technology on personal life and working or community life

3 Manage files, folders or directories using a range of common file management features to include create, rename, delete, copy, move, locate and save to range of drives

4 Use a data entry application to enter data using text, alpha, numeric and special characters to a minimum speed of 15 words per minute

5 Access a word processing package to open a file, enter and edit text by inserting and deleting characters, words, sentences and paragraphs

6 Format text using a range of format tools to include joining and splitting, line spacing, indentation, justifying and alignment

7 Enhance text using a range of enhancement tools to include bold, underline, italicize, font and font size

8 Edit a block of text using a range of editing tools to include move, copy and delete

9 Navigate specific internet sites through a browser with specific links identified

10 Use a range of functions in a webmail application to create, reply, cc, bcc, and add attachments to emails

11 Manage a personal email account to include inbox, read/unread ,deleted items, trash, drafts, and contacts / address book

12 Produce an accurate hard copy of a 50-70 word document by proof reading, and using spell check, save, and print features

Duration: 8 weeks (16 classes x 2½ hours = 40 hours)

Fee: €330:

Contact the CIOC Training Department Pauline / Mary Ellen on: Telephone (065) 68 41009
or email “”:

Funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Social Fund under the National Development Plan 2005—2006